My Memoir…



I never imagined I would look back at a certain point in my life and say that I was a victim of robbery. I used to think that I was going to graduate from the University of Benin and leave Ekosodin without experiencing such kind of things. I thought I was going to leave unscathed, but things took a different twist — a twist I am grateful to God for.

It all happened in the year 2014 on a fateful Monday evening. My roomie and I were together in the room. We were not gisting or anything of that sort because she was extremely tired, but I remembered telling her to return the laptop she had borrowed from our neighbor some days back. She mumbled some words about returning it the next day and wandered off to dream land, leaving me behind in our semi-dark room. I, on the other hand, was surfing the web with my Nokia Asha in search of any non-PDF article related to the assignment I was working on when PHCN  graciously restored power at exactly 10:10pm or so (They never keep to time).

Suddenly, our ‘fire-wooden’ door began shaking vigorously. The thunderous pounding on our door was enough to wake up the dead. My roomie’s sleep-laden eyes flashed open in confusion. Like lightning, she fled to the bathroom for safety, leaving me behind for the second time. I was still not understanding the situation, so I sat still on my bed wondering if the panther that people say walks around Ekosodin at night could be prancing at our door wanting to pay us a ‘panther visit’. However, as I watched the door reluctantly let go of its hinges and fall to the ground in absolute surrender, I realized just how full of flaws my logic was.

A guy with huge boots and a red and black polo shirt stormed into our room and started requesting for ‘the laptop’. He was not masked and he held this little gun which I saw much later. I was too stunned to speak so he helped himself to our neighbor’s laptop, my roomie’s blackberry phone that she had earlier abandoned during her flight, my Nokia Asha that I was even trying to hide (I had to use it for my assignment. I tried to reason with the guy, so I told him in a shaky voice that I was doing my assignment, but he was utterly unreasonable) and zoomed out of our room leaving behind  the unseen 20,000 naira in my rommie’s sewing machine and two young ladies who felt violated.

This guy practically bulldozed our door like we had 300 million dollars stashed somewhere in our room. Our room was not even fancy. No TV, no home theatre, no nothing. We just had the sewing machine, a green rug, two unhealthy-looking foams and our placid white walls. But hey, we survived and I have this story to tell even though I cannot comprehend for the life of me why we were the only ones robbed in the entire compound! lol


Really, where am I driving at? After that incident, I got another phone, an android phone that I used not only for the assignment but also for my project as well. I mean, I could access PDF files that were completely out of bounds when I was living the boring life with my Nokia Asha.

Prior to the robbery incident, I was thinking about how I was going to get a new phone. I remembered telling God I was in desperate need of a new android phone. All I wanted was to access PDF files, read e-books and play that four-picture-one-word android game.  My reasons for wanting an android phone were justified. I just did not expect that a robbery would lead to my getting a new phone.

Isn’t it just like God to make all things work out together for our good in ways that we never imagined possible? Talk about chain reactions, where one seemingly bad thing or experience leads to something so glorious and amazing.

Always remember that whatever it is you are going through right now is just temporary. There is a greater glory ahead of you, a chain reaction waiting to happen in your life. Do not feel bad or sad or feel regret about anything. It is all working out right now for your good. Praise God and give thanks in everything because it is all going to end in more PRAISE.




Have a God-full week ahead folks. Thanks for stopping by.






Turn on the Light…


The dark velvet sky lit up with countless sparkling stars and a thought twinkled in my mind. The sky is wide enough for every single star to shine; the world is wide enough for every single person’s light to shine.

No star tries to outshine the next star up there. The sky is not even overcrowded. Each star just stays beautiful and sparkles, fulfilling purpose. There is a divine synergy of purpose up there –the stars all shining together, weaving a beautiful tapestry of awesomeness.

From our perspective, it may seem as though those shining stars are tiny, but in reality, most of those stars are as big as our Sun. The others that are not as big as our Sun are waaaaaaaaaaay bigger. Obviously, perspective matters a great deal.

Jesus says: “LET YOUR LIGHT so SHINE before men, that they may see your good works and GLORIFY your Father….” Profound words spoken to us by the LIGHT Himself — the LIGHT that is the life of men. There is authenticity in His spoken words. Jesus knows that the LIGHT we have in us is worth displaying and JESUS’ perspective is all that matters.

Let your light shine; give your light the permission to shine. You have beautiful light inside you. Do not keep it hidden because you feel it is not good enough to be displayed or because you feel it is not as bright as the next person’s own or because someone you look up to told you ‘you just ain’t got it in you.’

I have good news for you: your feelings, thoughts and perspective as well as the feelings, thoughts and perspective of others are not the truth.  JESUS’ perspective is the TRUTH.

Quit comparing your self with the next person. There is no sense in that. Quit feeling like you do not have what it takes to shine. That is not a wise thing to do. Quit listening to folks saying it is impossible for you to shine right where you are. They are just liars. Behold the untainted truth: you have beautiful light inside you, let it SHINE.

This dark world is big enough for all of us to shine. This dark world needs the light that we have.

No overcrowding, no outshining, no competing.

Stay beautiful, sparkle and fulfill purpose right where you are. Put a smile on someone’s face, minister healing to that sick person, love the unlovable, speak life to the brokenhearted, intercede for the lost.

When we shine together, we weave a beautiful tapestry of MIRACLES; thereby bringing glory to the Father.

I leave you with these quotes. Thanks for tuning in today!!!





Tales of a harlot! 2



At this point, the incessant knocking on Rahab’s door had intensified. With pumped adrenaline and frayed nerves, she was down the stairs in no time.  She took a deep breath to calm her fraying nerves and opened the door to receive the soldiers without missing a beat. The already impatient soldiers stormed into her inn all fired up and ready to burst some Israeli bubbles.

Ma’am,” the soldier who seemed to be in charge spoke as he openly ransacked the entire inn with his scrupulous eyes. “We need you to hand over those Israeli spies to us at this very moment. We know they are here. They have been sent by their leaders to discover the best way to attack us.” He continued as his eyes finally settled on Rahab’s face in a bid to drive home the full implication of what he was saying.

A few seconds went by before Rahab finally did respond. “Oh!!! Oh!!!” Rahab exclaimed with her eyes wide open as if she had only just understood what the soldier meant. “I did see the men you are referring to. And it is equally true that they were in my inn some hours ago, but they left just as the gates were about to be shut. If you hurry up, you might catch them.”

Thank you for your loyalty to our Jericho.” The soldier said to Rahab with a curt smile on his face. “Now, if you’d excuse me, we have some spies to snag.” Rahab nodded as the soldiers whirled out of her inn and her life to begin what they never knew was going to be a wild goose chase toward the Jordan River. Rahab gently shut the door behind her, leaned against it and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. At last, she could exhale. She was scared the soldier man would hear her heart pounding ceaselessly and uncover the hidden truth buried under her stalks of flax.

Her plan had played out so well that she began thinking she could be recruited in the Jericho army or better still, be a famous Jerichowood actress. Maybe then, her family would finally accept her. She quickly thrust the thoughts of her family aside as soon as she remembered the spies buried beneath stalks. That none of the other travelers had woken up despite the ruckus that the soldiers had stirred up was a miracle in itself.

She climbed up the stairs this time around with her heart beating in a steady rhythm. “You can come out now. The soldiers are gone.” She said to the spies with a huge smile plastered on her face. The peace she felt was indescribable. She realized that no one should feel this much peace after betraying their country, but she did feel peace anyway.  With the speed of lightning, Salmon jumped out of his hiding place and barfed up all that he had eaten for dinner right after Rahab’s relieving announcement. The smell of flax irritated him a lot. “I am so sorry.” He whispered to Rahab. She just smiled at him like he had  said the kindest words to her leaving Salmon wondering what kind of woman she was.

We are deeply grateful for what you have done for us. You risked your life to save ours!” Caleb incredulously exclaimed. “Why?” Salmon asked with his face deeply etched in the mold of confusion thoroughly mixed with curiosity. “You could have handed us over to those guys. You could have been in grave danger had they decided to search your inn but still, you held back. I would like to know why Ma’am.

Rahab smiled at both men as she began speaking, “I know without any shadow of doubt that your God is going to give our country to you. The entire country cowers at the mere mention of the name Israel. We have heard about how the Lord split the Red sea for you when you left Egypt. The news about what you guys did to Sihon and Og, the two Amorite kings east of Jordan, has not ceased to further immerse us in the fear and dread of you. Indeed, the Lord, your God is God in the heavens above and beneath the earth. May I ask you both for a huge favour?” Rahab desperately asked the young men standing before her.

It took a while before they responded. They were both in a state of wonder. Hearing a gentile woman make this bold declaration of faith shocked them to their marrows. They never expected this in all their wildest imagination. “Yes, yes, you may. We owe you that much and more.” Caleb said.

I beg for this one thing,” Rahab continued with clasped hands. “Swear to me by the sacred name of your God that you will let me live when your army comes to claim Jericho.” She paused as she considered her family members who had treated her like an outcast because of her lifestyle. She could not leave them all to die no matter how badly they had treated her. “Not just me,” She quickly added. “I beg on behalf of my entire household as well.”

Salmon and Caleb looked at each other and exchanged nods of agreement before facing Rahab again. “If you will not betray us, you have our word. We will definitely see to it that you and your household will be safe from harm.” Caleb promised in a very assuring tone that made Rahab heave a greater sigh of relief.

I will never betray you. You have my word as well. By the way, the soldiers are out there searching intensely for both of you. You would have to escape to the wilderness and stay there for three days until the soldiers return from their search.” Salmon and Caleb both pondered how they would leave Jericho with the gates shut. Obviously, they could not fly over the roof top and expect to land on the other side alive with all their bones intact. They were so deep in thought that they had not noticed Rahab slipping out of their presence.

They became aware of her presence when they heard the shuffle of her feet. They looked up and saw Rahab walking toward them with a long scarlet cord in her hands. They did not understand why she was holding a scarlet cord. “Well,” Rahab explained. “This scarlet cord will be a very useful escape tool for now. I will let you guys down this cord from my window. You will find yourselves outside the city wall.”  Caleb’s tense face broke into a wide grin on hearing Rahab’s escape plan. He had thought that the lady had changed her mind and planned to murder them by hanging instead.

Wow! This is very resourceful. I think you would make a good spy. We are eternally grateful to you Ma’am.” Caleb whispered with his voice drenched and dripping with gratitude. “And I have a superb idea. You would have to leave this cord hanging from your window as a sign for us whenever we come back here to claim this land. We would not be responsible for whatever happens to you if this cord is not hanging from your window. All your family members have to be inside this house as well so that their safety can be guaranteed.

Salmon nodded in agreement with every word his partner said as he mentally prepared himself for the treacherous climb down the walls of Jericho. He was afraid of heights, but the fierce need to leave Jericho drowned his fears.  “I totally accept your terms.” Rahab replied. “Good bye gentlemen.” She said as the spies climbed down the wall. The spies mumbled their goodbyes as they held on to the rope with all their might.

Rahab was overjoyed at the outcome of events. She had succeeded in getting herself and her family saved without having to embarrass herself before the King of Jericho. She patted the SCARLET CORD ever so tenderly as if assuring herself that it was still there. For her, the cord signified salvation from certain doom. As days turned into months, Rahab would check to see if the cord was properly hung for the assurance of her salvation.



Hey people! Guess what? The Israelites indeed invaded Jericho in the most dramatic way the entire world has ever known. An earthquake, a mighty earthquake, coursed through the veins of the “impregnable” walls of Jericho and shut down its entire nervous system forever. The walls fell down and crumbled to the ground except the house of Rahab and everyone in it because of the SCARLET CORD– the perfect picture of GRACE.





Paul the Apostle

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Tales of a harlot!



She had heard a lot about these strange people, and the fear that ceased her nearly strangled the life out of her. She was frozen in the deep snow of fear. She was just a common prostitute at the City’s gate with no voice. It was ridiculous to think that the King would want to listen to her suggestions. She had had this grandiose idea where she would go before the King and tell him to surrender to the great army in advance before the entire City would be submerged in the deluge of utter destruction; but she shoved the idea into the deepest pit of her heart where she hoped it would not sprout again. It was better buried.

Everyone would scorn her to death if she ever made a move like that. She wondered how the people of Jericho could have slipped so easily into the cave of delusion thinking that their seemingly impregnable wall could protect them. She knew they were all living in fear, but no one was willing to deal with it or even speak of it. It was a forbidden subject. As a matter of fact, to speak of it was treason. The men that often patronized her would make a comment or two about the Israelite army whenever they were drunk but that was just about it. No other information was available to common people like her who lived in the slums of Jericho.

The heightened tension hung in the ceiling of every heart and home in Jericho and her Inn — Rahab’s Inn — was not an exception. Lately, her normally overcrowded inn held less people than it usually did on a weekend when people would steadily troop in to unwind after a stressful week.  Now, only a handful of travelers and Jericho citizens were in the dimly lit inn, and most of them just wanted a place to stay for the night while the others sat at different tables for a drink or two.

As soon as she noticed the neat line of people waiting to be checked in for the night, she quickly sprung into action. Being the manager of her little inn, at the top of the City’s wall, with no money to pay for extra help left her with all of the work she had to do herself. It was a grueling task, but she managed it gracefully. She had no one to complain to anyways.

Thirty minutes later, she had all the men checked into their various rooms except two peculiar-looking men who had just recently walked into her inn requesting for a place to stay for the night. Rahab took a long look at them. She struggled to place where they came from. Having travelers stop by her inn for the night was not a strange occurrence. Also, she never found it difficult deciphering what part of the country they were from, but these men put her skill to shame. They were different. They did not look like the average traveler she was accustomed to meeting on daily basis. She just could not place her finger on the exact reason why the air they exuded around them made her so uncomfortable. How she hated mystery!!

She watched as the men gingerly took the seats directly across from her square table. She could not help but notice that they were good looking men too. These men piqued her curiosity but she had to remember that she was a woman who had a business to mind. After all, she was good so far as she was being paid well for her services. She only began suspecting that these handsome young men sitting before her were spies — Israeli spies– when they started asking her unusual questions about Jericho. Immediately, she understood why she was not able to place them.

Her heart beat quadrupled.Nothing had prepared her for this moment. The implication of what was about to happen played like a 3D movie before her eyes. All of a sudden, the air in the inn felt woozy. Still, she treated them like very important guests and offered them a place to stay much to the surprise of the tired spies. She went as far as answering all their many questions about Jericho with as much dexterity as she could muster while a zillion thoughts did endless flip flops in her brain at the same time. The spies nodded their heads with smiles on their faces as they listened to Rahab completely unaware of her discomfort. The sweet scent of her affable nature cloaked the less intense scent of her nervousness.

Rahab sensed that people must have seen these men walk into her inn.  It was only going to be a matter of hours before Jericho soldiers would come knocking at her door requesting that she handed over the spies to them. That was the power of Jericho gossip. She knew she had to do something fast. There was no confusion as to the side she was on. She was convinced beyond any iota of doubt that the God of Israel had already won the battle. She had her mind made up. She was going to help the spies escape the death trap set by the King and betray her country. “How patriotic Rahab” she thought to herself. It was not an easy decision, but she never wavered. By this time, the inn was empty and locked.  All the travelers were sound asleep in their rooms.

Just as she had envisaged, at about the exact time when the gates of Jericho were to be shut, thirty minutes before the hour of twelve, she heard the sounds of heavy footsteps approaching her inn. “Jericho soldiers!!” she exclaimed. Quickly, she ran to the room where the snoring spies were and woke them up with all the energy left in her.

Immediately, Salmon and Caleb woke up with a start wondering what the ruse was all about. “Gentlemen, I need you to follow me right now.” Rahab whispered to an already startled Salmon and Caleb. The urgency in Rahab’s voice left no room for the spies to question her. They did not have the time to think about what the inn keeper was doing in their room at that hour. They simply followed her without any form of hesitation. Hurriedly, Rahab led the spies up the flight of stairs leading to the flat roof top of her house. As soon as they reached the roof top, she turned towards them and said, “Hide under these drying stalks of flax!! Quickly!! Jericho soldiers are after your lives”.

Salmon and Caleb deftly hid beneath the stalks of flax without the need for further coaxing. Suddenly, the gravity of the situation they were in dawned on them. Instantly, they were reminded of the dangers that came with being spies even though they found their job description fun at other times when they did not have a death sentence hanging over their heads. Their hearts thrummed violently within their chests as they whispered silent prayers to their God for salvation.