My Memoir…



I never imagined I would look back at a certain point in my life and say that I was a victim of robbery. I used to think that I was going to graduate from the University of Benin and leave Ekosodin without experiencing such kind of things. I thought I was going to leave unscathed, but things took a different twist — a twist I am grateful to God for.

It all happened in the year 2014 on a fateful Monday evening. My roomie and I were together in the room. We were not gisting or anything of that sort because she was extremely tired, but I remembered telling her to return the laptop she had borrowed from our neighbor some days back. She mumbled some words about returning it the next day and wandered off to dream land, leaving me behind in our semi-dark room. I, on the other hand, was surfing the web with my Nokia Asha in search of any non-PDF article related to the assignment I was working on when PHCN  graciously restored power at exactly 10:10pm or so (They never keep to time).

Suddenly, our ‘fire-wooden’ door began shaking vigorously. The thunderous pounding on our door was enough to wake up the dead. My roomie’s sleep-laden eyes flashed open in confusion. Like lightning, she fled to the bathroom for safety, leaving me behind for the second time. I was still not understanding the situation, so I sat still on my bed wondering if the panther that people say walks around Ekosodin at night could be prancing at our door wanting to pay us a ‘panther visit’. However, as I watched the door reluctantly let go of its hinges and fall to the ground in absolute surrender, I realized just how full of flaws my logic was.

A guy with huge boots and a red and black polo shirt stormed into our room and started requesting for ‘the laptop’. He was not masked and he held this little gun which I saw much later. I was too stunned to speak so he helped himself to our neighbor’s laptop, my roomie’s blackberry phone that she had earlier abandoned during her flight, my Nokia Asha that I was even trying to hide (I had to use it for my assignment. I tried to reason with the guy, so I told him in a shaky voice that I was doing my assignment, but he was utterly unreasonable) and zoomed out of our room leaving behind  the unseen 20,000 naira in my rommie’s sewing machine and two young ladies who felt violated.

This guy practically bulldozed our door like we had 300 million dollars stashed somewhere in our room. Our room was not even fancy. No TV, no home theatre, no nothing. We just had the sewing machine, a green rug, two unhealthy-looking foams and our placid white walls. But hey, we survived and I have this story to tell even though I cannot comprehend for the life of me why we were the only ones robbed in the entire compound! lol


Really, where am I driving at? After that incident, I got another phone, an android phone that I used not only for the assignment but also for my project as well. I mean, I could access PDF files that were completely out of bounds when I was living the boring life with my Nokia Asha.

Prior to the robbery incident, I was thinking about how I was going to get a new phone. I remembered telling God I was in desperate need of a new android phone. All I wanted was to access PDF files, read e-books and play that four-picture-one-word android game.  My reasons for wanting an android phone were justified. I just did not expect that a robbery would lead to my getting a new phone.

Isn’t it just like God to make all things work out together for our good in ways that we never imagined possible? Talk about chain reactions, where one seemingly bad thing or experience leads to something so glorious and amazing.

Always remember that whatever it is you are going through right now is just temporary. There is a greater glory ahead of you, a chain reaction waiting to happen in your life. Do not feel bad or sad or feel regret about anything. It is all working out right now for your good. Praise God and give thanks in everything because it is all going to end in more PRAISE.




Have a God-full week ahead folks. Thanks for stopping by.







7 thoughts on “My Memoir…

    1. Would I say mysterious??? I like to call it unconventional ways…
      He does not just do things the way we expect that He will do them…
      He is so good at being God..
      Thank you for reading and commenting Debs…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. If only we know that God can’t allow what is greater than us to come our way but
    like a mother eagle beholds her eglet battle gravity in the course of learning how to fly but picks her dear eglet up just before gravity takes it final blow n when the eglet perfects flight mood becomes the master of flight n defying gravity.
    So is Father’s eyes n arm waiting to catch ur…..for He makez all things beautiful in its time


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