How To Be Safe In An Unsafe World.

If you are anything like who I am, you would be completely honest with yourself by agreeing with me that the events of the last month were really frightening. Yes, I am a child of God but I was really frightened and depressed. I wondered why all these events happened in their numbers. It was like the hordes of hell were literally having a big party in Nigeria. You know, demons and more demons dancing and cheering and swimming in the immense bloodshed that soaked and drenched our land.

I was almost tempted to blame God for everything happening to Nigeria, from the Fulani herdsmen crisis to the leaking tankers and inferno. There was one night I slept secretly angry at God. I did not talk to Him that night. I knew He wanted to tell me something but I did not want to listen. I just slept off with my secret anger till the next day. It was a thanksgiving Sunday and church made me see that God has been good even though I still nursed some little anger at the back of my mind at God. I could not just hide the fact that I was pained since some families were not going to be rejoicing or getting in the thanksgiving mood at that moment (As if I could be more pained than God).

It was until yesterday, that God used a friend of mine to open my eyes to a truth that cleared the fog for me. He said something about listening to the voice of the Holy Ghost and obeying when He prompts us to do something. He referred to the inferno that happened last month and said that there were some Christians caught in that fire that were not supposed to be there. He said God had warned someone not to leave his home that day or not to go home through that route. He said that God went through extreme measures to make sure a child of his had a flat tire just so he or she would not go out at that time but he or she refused to listen because he or she was angry with his or her spouse and still went out.

It reminded me of an incident that occurred in my life when I had a close shave with a car accident that could have terribly hurt me if not for the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is what happened. I was supposed to cross over to the other side of the road and I just felt on my inside that it was not time to cross yet despite the fact that the road was car-free. All of a sudden, some car swerved off the other side of the road and headed straight for the spot that I would have been standing if I had crossed over to the other side. I was too shocked. This was how God saved me. If I had not been sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit…well, thank God I listened even when it didn’t make any sense to me at the time. This is how to be safe in a thoroughly unsafe world. God is love and He really wants to lead us as we go through this life. We were never wired to live this life on our own. We were wired, as Christians, to live our lives fully dependent on the Holy Ghost.

Jesus said that the Holy Ghost would guide us into all truth but often times; we do not let Him be our guide. It is high time we started listening to the voice of the Spirit. It would literally save our lives. A whole lot of Christians have died because of disobedience. God never created robots. So, HE is not going to force us into going the right way.

If you want to be safe, listen to the Holy Spirit at all times. I have been praying that the Holy Spirit helps me to so listen and yield to Him that even when He leads me to a place where I have to choose between Jesus and Islam with a knife to my throat, I would gladly and courageously choose Christ. I would gladly and courageously choose to give up my life for the one who gave me life.

Finally, this is how to be safe forever. To be in Christ is to be safe forever. This is because no man can hear the voice of the Spirit except HE is in Jesus. If you are not a believer in Jesus, here is your chance. Enough of playing church and playing Christian! Times are coming when you would have to stand for who you believe in. you cannot afford to be uncertain about your faith at the moment. It is too risky.

All you have to do is say these words:
God I thank you for the gift of Your Son Jesus Christ. I thank You for sending Him to the Cross so that I can be able to come to You. Today, I accept, believe and confess that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for my sins; that He was raised from death for me to have a new life, and that He ascended and is seated in glory. I believe and confess Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord. Thank you for saving me; in the Name of Jesus Christ… Amen!!

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6 thoughts on “How To Be Safe In An Unsafe World.

  1. Wow… living safe is this simple!
    I choose to live safe… I choose to fellowship and heed the promptings of the Spirit of God… I choose Christ Jesus.
    Oshams, thanks for writing

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