I Need Help!

I would like to begin this post by saying that there is nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you need help if you actually do need help. There is absolutely no need forming “I can handle stuff on my own” when in reality you cannot even handle getting out of bed in the morning due to the ‘overwhelmingness’ of your condition.

If you are a believer listen to this: you were not made to go through this life on your own. I cannot stress this enough. You cannot handle what life will throw at you by your strength and your intellect and your capabilities. Basically, what I am driving at is that YOU TOTALLY NEED HELP!!!

Yes, you need the help of the Lord if you are going to fulfill purpose in your generation. Why do you think King David was so successful? It is simple, David understood that He needed the help of God and so He was always asking God for strategies before going for war. He never depended on his abilities or his strength and we see how God indeed helped him. In fact, there was a testimony that he served God’s purpose in his generation in the book of Acts 13: 36. One scripture that gets me so excited about the help of God is in the book of Isaiah, the fiftieth Chapter and the seventh verse. In other words, Isaiah 50:7. It says:

The scripture talks about the Lord God helping me (I just had to personalize the scripture). There is so much treasure to uncover in that single verse. The first sentence is that “the Lord God WILL help me.” You see, God is more than willing to help me. That is a joyful thing to note, that the Lord God wants to help me. I mean, do you have any idea who the Lord God is? Check His profile in the scriptures and even in our everyday lives. He is a ‘too much’ God!! It gives me confidence to know that there is divine help for me whenever I face situations that threaten to disgrace me.

The second part of that scripture talks about what we have to do to experience the help of God. We have to set our faces like flints. Why flints? It is because of the quality that a flint possesses. A flint is like a rock and rocks have the quality of hardness and steadfastness. You do not just push and shove a rock here and there. It is not easily tossed about by every challenge or every difficulty. The rock is steadfast and steady.

This is how we are to set our faces upon the Lord. We are to be determined to keep focusing on Him, regardless of the surrounding difficult challenges knowing full well that He will not allow shame come near us. Whenever we set our faces upon God like flints, we call forth His help in our lives. Isn’t this fascinating? That if we can keep our faces set upon Him like flints, He will help us? It is really an exciting truth.

The reason why you have to set your face like a flint is simple. It is because God needs to know that you really need His help and that you have no alternative.
God is so gentle; He is not going to barge in on your schedule simply because He knows that you desperately need help. If you have not gotten to that point where you acknowledge that you need His help, God will do nothing despite that fact that He is ever ready and willing to help.

Enough of the lies we tell ourselves! It is time to be sincere with our Father. No more pretending that you can handle stuff on your own. No matter how little it may seem. Learn to ask for help. Do not let pride get in the way. When a man is helped of God ehn…He produces supernatural results that even shock him.

I need the help of God every single waking moment of my life and if you have gotten to that place in your life where you know that it is either God helps you or He helps you; where it is either God uplifts you with His right hand or He uplifts you with His right hand, you can just say this prayer with me:

Lord, I need your help and I am unashamedly declaring today that I can do nothing except you help me. So, help me God. Amen!!

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