Love and VOLCANOES!!!

I have an idea about how you can be a world changer. It does not require that you do anything over-the-top and yes, it is going to seem like it is mission impossible, like it is horrendous and really hard but it really is not. Or maybe it is and it isn’t at the same time. I am not confused. Lol. I am in my right senses writing this and I know exactly what I am saying. It is really hard because it is not something that natural people can do and it isn’t hard when you are not a natural person. Here comes the unveiling!!!!! Love. YES, LOVE. L-O-V-E.

If you want to change the world, love people; like really love people. This might seem easy when you are just loving people that have been nice right back to you. Love becomes a hard and holy thing to do when you have to show it to someone who CONSTANTLY gets on your nerves, insults you and makes you feel like a volcano is erupting from your inside right through your brain. You know, like fire spewing out of your eyes, your nose and all the holes in your body (just imagine the fire erupting out of this guy’s head).

It’s okay to have fire shoot out of your brain. Really, it is. Love has nothing to do with your feelings anyways. SO, feel fire and brimstone – but after you cool off, still keep loving. Don’t stop loving.

You are not ordinary and you are not natural (this is for peeps who are born again like really born again); you are SUPERNATURAL. Now that you have Jesus, you have the capacity to love like crazy. If you did not have it then Jesus would never have told you to love people who aren’t particularly nice to you. This means that if you are not walking in love, you living less than who you are. It means that if you are not walking in love, you are destroying the world.

Enough of preaching on people and casting looks of condemnation at them like you are the only one worshipping God right and they are doing it all wrong. Enough of advising people from a high and holy spiritual throne of self-righteousness that you have somehow managed to build for yourself forgetting that people do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Just love people. This is true ministry.

I know, some of y’all reading this right now might scoff at this like this is all hogwash. I understand how you feel but I am going to say this all the same: Love made Jesus come in the flesh. That is a biiiiiiig deal! Love made him die on the cross! Love was and still is the game changer. Jesus changed the world; Love changed the world.

Are you changing the world? Love ls the Gospel. We are the true LOVERS!!!

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6 thoughts on “Love and VOLCANOES!!!

  1. Great work.. keep Up with the noble work..
    Job 8:7
    Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.
    And though you started with little, you will end with much.

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