Hi people!!

I am Osham and I am a high bred. I have blue-blood flowing in my veins because I am the daughter of the King of kings. Yeah, I guess that sounds cool. It is cool. Anyhoos, I love writing and I have an eternal crush on the Word that became flesh – JESUS. Isn’t He something? I am also a lover of Greek mythology you know, for the love of Greek mythology. I love words.

Words are fascinating. I love books too. Books like Karen Kingsbury’s the baxter series, Brian Shafer’s Chronicles of the Host, Francine Rivers’ Redemption among others make for good and delightful reads.The world will be a drab place without books. I believe that words have revolutionary and transforming power. Hey, it is the WORD of God that holds the entire universe in place so I guess words are powerful like that.

This is why I write to show the world the revolutionary power of words. And I love being a CHRISTIAN. It is the bestest way to live. Stick to this blog and experience the unforced rhythms of Grace. Get ready for the REVOLUTION!!